Practice Teacher Work Sample

Contextual Factors


Community, district and school factors.


            Geographic location


            Community and school population


            Socio-economic profile and race/ethnicity

Wichita Public Schools (WPS) have a student enrollment of 48,676 and is the largest urban school district in the state. The ethnic diversity of the district is 48.9% white, 23.6% Black, 18.3% Hispanic, 2.7% Am. Indian, and 5.5% Asian. 48.3% of the students are on free lunch and another 12.2% are on reduced lunch.


May include such information as stability of community, political climate, community support for education, and other environmental factors.



Classroom factors

            Physical features


            Availability of technology, resources and parental involvement


Classroom rules and routines


Grouping patterns


Scheduling and classroom arrangement



Student characteristics (in this classroom)


            Ages of students



            Special needs

            Achievement/developmental levels




            Learning styles/modalities

            Studentsí skill levels

            Include studentís skills and prior learning that may influence the development of your learning goals, instruction and assessment.


Instructional implications

Address how contextual characteristics of the community, classroom and students have implications for instructional planning and assessment. (See the above three sections.)  Include specific instructional implications for at least two of the above three sections and any other factors that will influence how you plan and implement your unit.