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Topic: Nutrition: 

Grade Level: Kindergarten  

District Health Standard: Identify Foods

Lesson Summary: The students will identify foods using the 5 food groups.

Textbook Connections McGraw-Hill Health, Chapter 5, Nutrition Lesson  11 (Food in Your Body) and Lesson 12 (Healthful Meals and Snacks)
McGraw-Hill Health Web-Linked Activities

Materials: Food items (pictures, real, or plastic) and a Venn Diagram

Technology: Internet, KidPix, Digital Camera, Lightspan

Instructional Input:

1. Show pictures or real/plastic food Items from the fruit group. Have students identify the name of each food

2. Choose 2 fruit Items (for example apple, orange) Discuss similarities and differences of the food Items

3. Complete a Venn Diagram of the 2 fruits.

4. Continue this lesson using the other food groups


Art Center:  Have students cut food pictures from magazines and paste onto paper plates to create a meal.

Dramatic Play Center:  Set up center as a grocery store, restaurant, or fruit stand.

Writing Center:  Students will write a grocery list.  Teacher will provide poster/chart with food pictures and words to choose from.

Computer Center:  Use Kindergarten story to hyperlink to nutrition games.

Manipulative Center:  Students will use plastic foods to sort Into groups.  Students could use a graph mat to graph food Items.

WebQuest: What Food is That?

Web Sites

Banana Dot-to-Dot

Dole Five a Day

Healthy Kids Concentration

Kellogg's Concentration

Let's Make Breakfast

Nutrition Cafe


Connected Stories or Books:
Gregory the Terrible Eater,
Mitchell Sharmat
Bread, Bread, Bread,
Ann Morris
Stone Soup, Marcia Brown

Authors: Linda Miller & Joan Boles

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